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As more states legalize cannabis use, its popularity grows. More people are learning about all of the cool and interesting ways to use it. One method of use that’s been gaining popularity is dabbing. At first, glance, taking a dab might seem difficult or intimidating. With a bit of practice, however, it becomes easier and less mysterious. If you’ve been interested in dabbing, here are a few tips for taking a dab hit like a pro.

How to Take a Dab Hit

If you’ve never taken a dab hit before, you might be confused or unsure of how to go about it. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Heat the nail of the dab rig with a torch until it’s hot
  • Allow it to cool for 10 to 45 seconds (the time depends upon the material of the nail)
  • Place your mouth over the mouthpiece and apply your chosen concentrate to the nail
  • Begin inhaling slowly
  • After taking your hit, exhale the vapor

Watch Your Temps

While heating the nail until it’s hot is a necessary part of the process, so, too, is giving it time to cool properly. Applying a concentrate to a nail that’s too hot can quickly lead to a harsh hit that hurts your lungs. It might taste terrible, or you might experience sudden nausea.

dab tips

Give your nail enough time to cool. It needs to be hot enough to vaporize the concentrate, but not so hot that it causes combustion. It typically takes about 10 to 45 seconds to cool enough to produce the desired hits. Consider using a timer and keeping track, so you know just how long to wait before applying your dab.

Avoid Touching Dabs

Dabs range in consistency. No matter if they’re runny or sticky, they can all be very difficult to clean from your hands. Additionally, the oils from your skin can contaminate them. You’ll want to avoid touching the concentrates. One way to do this is by using the appropriate equipment, such as a dab tool. If you do need to use your fingers, put on some gloves.

Be Wary of Big Hits

There’s something fascinating and impressive about trying to take the biggest hits possible. When it comes to dabbing, however, don’t try to show off. Concentrates are incredibly potent. Taking a huge hit can result in getting too high very quickly, leading to a rather unpleasant experience. Take a reasonably sized hit and let it go shortly after you do. You don’t need to hold in a dab hit.

Clean Your Rig Frequently

For the best dab hits every time, clean your dab rig frequently. Any gunk or dirty water will lead to a subpar hit. Clean rigs, on the other hand, help you to achieve the cleanest, smoothest, most pleasant hits you’ve ever experienced. Additionally, the more often you clean it, the easier you’ll find it to maintain.

While dabbing might not be right for those brand-new to the world of cannabis, it can be an excellent way for a more seasoned user to amplify the experience. With these tips, you can take clean, perfect hits like a pro every time.