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The legal cannabis space has made way for a huge selection of cannabis flower on dispensary shelves. This may be overwhelming for potential customers trying to find a quality product that works for them.

It’s important to identify your goals before choosing the right cannabis flower will be realistic. First, know what kind of experience you are hoping to get out of your flower before visiting the dispensary. Once you have an idea about your ideal experience, our cannabis experts at Kushism can walk you through the product menu. They’ll help you find the perfect flower for your desired outcome.

Step 1: What’s your Desired Outcome?

Do you want to be alert or is this cannabis flower for relaxing? Are you trying to reduce pain and swelling? Or induce sleep? Think about what you’re trying to achieve with your cannabis experience. Then convey that to the cannabis expert.

Step 2: What’s your Budget?

Once you’re at the flower counter you’ll realize that there’s quite a range of prices. Quality and availability affect the price as well as the quantity you plan to purchase. Quality cannabis flower commonly retails at $65 for 3.5 G.


Step 3: How Does the Flower Smell?

Each strain has its own flavor profile (terpenes) that emits a distinctive aroma. While that aroma serves to protect the plant from predators in the wild, it also provides a sensory marker indicating the effects the strain will promote when ingested. For example, the terpene limonene smells like citrus and is known for its mood-lifting properties.

Once you determine how you want your cannabis experience to affect you, and have identified your budget, choosing the right cannabis flower will be doable.

  • Talk to your cannabis expert about your desired outcome: They know which strains and flavor profiles have documented results and consistent effects.
  • Decide what your budget allows and if you want 1G, 3.5G, or a larger amount (make sure you understand how much you’re  legally allowed to possess and transport in your state.)
  • Ask to smell the flower: Is it fresh? Is the terpene profile obvious and does it correspond with your desired outcome? 

Finding a great cannabis flower that is consistent and effective at satisfying your needs can be somewhat tricky, but not impossible if you have an excellent dispensary experience. Our staff at Kushism can help you locate your go-to bud by understanding your needs and introducing only top-quality flower strains that are sure to satisfy and improve your quality of life.