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In the land of cannabis products, cannabis topicals rule. Their increasing popularity is partly due to the recent attention that the media has given to CBD. CBD is in many cannabis topical products. It’s a nonpsychoactive compound from within the cannabis plant that benefits from relaxed regulations. This makes it available in almost every retail environment, therefore increasing prevalence in the marketplace.

People also gravitate toward cannabis-infused topicals because they provide measurable pain relief without any of the psychoactive effects normally associated with using cannabis. 

What are Cannabis Topicals?

A cannabis topical is typically a cream, oil, balm, salve, or lotion, that’s been infused with cannabis. They are formulated with particular strains and terpenes to provide focussed effects when applied to the skin. Most applications are aimed at relieving pain, muscle soreness, inflammation, and skin irritations. However, topicals have also been used to relieve cramps, headaches, and even improve sexual sensation.

The cannabis topical works by binding the cannabinoids from the cannabis to the CB2 receptors in the skin. They are part of the human endocannabinoid system. With most cannabis topicals the journey ends there and no THC enters the bloodstream, resulting in no “high”. However, the advent of transdermal patches has enabled a topical application of cannabis that can enter the bloodstream. Therefore it may result in a high or the possibility of a dirty drug screen.

How to Choose the Right Topical Product

choosing cannabis topicalsAccording to recent sales data, Californians love balms and salves. However, identifying the cannabis topical that will work best requires taking an inventory of your likes, dislikes, and desired outcome. 

Noting that balms and salves may feel more oily on the skin than lotion is one thing to consider when you’re sourcing a cannabis topical. The way it feels on our skin is important, but even more crucial is what’s in your topical. Most cannabis topicals contain CBD, THC, or a combination of both. These formulations often include the terpene profiles (the part of the plant responsible for its aroma) of the cannabis which have added medicinal benefits.

There are no standards for how much of these cannabinoids need to be present, nevertheless, the amount needs to be measurable for the effect to be. Those seeking pain relief will want a product high in THC, while those looking for a way to reduce inflammation will want a CBD dominant formulation. It’s important to have CBD and THC in your topical because those two compounds are most effective when used together.

Using a Topical Cannabis Product

  • Before applying a cannabis topical make sure the affected area of the body is clean and dry.
  • Vigorously rub a liberal amount of the topical onto the area that needs attention and repeat as needed.
  • For transdermal patches be aware that cannabinoids will be entering the bloodstream and may result in a psychoactive effect. 

Even though cannabis topicals are available online and in many retail chains, buying from a licensed cannabis dispensary is your best chance at finding a top-quality product. Licensed dispensaries only sell lab-tested and certified compliant cannabis products. You will have peace of mind knowing that your cannabis topical is formulated with top quality cannabis in the dose reflected on the label. Visit us at Kushism and let our knowledgeable staff help find a cannabis topical that works best for you.