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The days when cannabis could only be found in plant form are long gone. Today, there are dozens of forms of cannabis on the market, from raw plant matter to super-refined crystals. The most refined of them all is known as THC Crystalline. If you’ve been wondering about this new, potent form of cannabis, keep reading to learn exactly what it is and how it’s made.

What Is THC Crystalline?

THC Crystalline is nearly pure THC. It looks like a slightly foggy white or light yellow crystal, which may be as small as a grain of salt or are large as a gemstone. Like other solid forms of cannabis concentrates, it can be dissolved to use as a tincture, in a dab, or in an edible recipe, or it can be smoked in its solid form.

There are several forms of crystalline cannabis concentrate, but THC Crystalline is the psychoactive form. However, it’s typically THCA, not THC. THCA is the more-stable precursor to THC. For the crystal to take effect, it needs to be heated; only consuming an unheated crystal won’t cause any real results.

Unlike other forms of concentrated cannabis, THC Crystalline offers the same effects no matter what strain was used to make it. Because it’s pure THC, there are no other terpenes or cannabinoids to affect how it acts on the body. It will always taste, look, and smell the same if it’s made correctly.


How Pure THC Crystalline Is Made

You’ve probably spotted the little sparkly, sticky balls on cannabis buds in the past. These are known as trichomes, and they hold most of the THC in the cannabis plant. Most forms of cannabis concentrate refine these trichomes into denser forms. For example, hash is formed by melting trichomes and condensing them into a firm amber block. THC Crystalline is similar, but the process is much more time consuming and intense.

To make THC Crystalline, a refined cannabis product like hash is mixed with some kind of solvent. This solvent starts to separate the THC from other substances. Then, filters, heat, and pressure are used to continue separating and dissolving the substances that aren’t THC. The final result is then placed in an evaporator to remove the solvent and leave 99.9% pure THC behind, which forms crystals as it dries.

Making THC Crystalline can be dangerous because of the solvents, heat, and pressure involved in the process. Unless you have been trained in chemical extraction, it’s best to leave the process to the professionals.

Why Use Pure THC Crystalline?

The purity of THC Crystalline makes it theoretically much more potent than other forms of cannabis. Some people choose to smoke it on its own for just that reason. However, the lack of other cannabinoids and terpenes does make this a different, less relaxing experience than smoking the cannabis plant.

If you’re looking for a more well-rounded experience that happens to be stronger than average, you can also add THC Crystalline crystals to your edible recipes or sprinkle some on your next bowl. This will lead to a more potent high with all the flavor and relaxation you expect from bud. It will often kick in quicker, as well.

Pure THC Crystalline can make any cannabis experience stronger. If you’re looking to make your next smoke a little more intense, try adding a touch of pure THC to your cannabis.