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Indica or Sativa? It’s the question that cannabis enthusiasts all across the country ask. Along with being different physically, most Indica strains tend to be more popular and more potent than Sativas. Many users prefer Indicas for their powerful pain-relieving and sedative properties. If you’re looking for a new variety to try, here are some of the best Indica strains on the market.


The Afghan strain is 100% pure Indica, and it’s one of the most well-known. With a THC content of 20%, it isn’t the most potent Indica on this list, but it still packs quite a punch. Rather than causing you to become drowsy, it provides a pleasant, deep relaxation. You get all of the benefits of an Indica, without a heavy-hitting high.

Granddaddy Purple

Characterized by its beautiful purple flowers, Granddaddy purple is another popular 100% Indica strain. It boasts a THC content of up to 23% and provides everything you’d expect from a pure Indica. You get a deep, full-body high and strong buzz. You don’t, however, get the couch-lock effect. Instead, it stops just short, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without knocking you out.

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Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush, another 100% Indica, is a popular strain for making hash. It has a THC content of only up to 18%, but it provides a pleasant, calm, and uplifting experience. It’s another popular strain that doesn’t have any significant harsh side effects, so you’ll be able to enjoy your experience thoroughly.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a 90% Indica strain that’s quickly become a favorite among users all over. It has a THC content of around 18%, which provides a powerful, full-body high that can help you sleep or lock you to the couch. Make sure you’re somewhere safe and comfortable before you use it. You’ll experience a dreamy euphoria that’ll leave you feeling delightfully lazy, and those feelings could last a while.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is an 80% Indica strain that has striking blue flowers. The aroma is somewhat unique, being a cross between fruity-sweet and deeply savory. With a 19% THC content and 2% CBD, it offers a well-balanced high that leaves you with a full-body buzz and an uplifting mental euphoria.

Girl Scout Cookies

An 80% Indica strain, Girl Scout Cookies has become a fan favorite in recent years. It’s well-known for its sweet smell and taste that often reminds users of its namesake. The strain also boasts a 21% THC content that produces a powerful high characterized by a deep, soothing, full-body relaxation. Even though it relaxes every muscle and nerve in your body, it doesn’t leave you feeling incredibly drowsy or cloud your mind.

Super Skunk

Another 80% Indica, Super Skunk has a moderate 14% to 19% THC content that makes for a mild, but still pleasing, high. It also has an almost 3% CBD content. The cannabinoids work together to provide relief for many medical issues, including chronic pain, nausea, headaches, and more. Despite its Indica-dominant nature, smaller doses can provide all-day pain relief. Higher doses, on the other hand, make Super Skunk an excellent sleep aid.

Best Indica Strains Are All About Relaxing

These are just a handful of the incredible and relaxing Indica (and Indica-dominant) strains you’ll find on the market today. If you’re interested in trying any of them, or any of the other amazing Indicas available at your local dispensary, don’t hesitate to pick your budtender’s brain for more information.