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The best cannabis vape pen insights help you make the most informed purchasing decision. The recreational cannabis market is changing rapidly and vape pens are quickly growing in popularity. They currently control 15% of total cannabis product sales and 71% of concentrates in California.

Qualities to Look for in the Best Cannabis Vape Pen

Cannabis companies rally to meet consumer demand by producing a hefty selection of vape pen concentrates and hardware. Nevertheless, cannabis consumers struggle to keep up with the bounty of options. This market popularity, as well as recent health concerns over vaping, underscores the importance of finding the best cannabis vape pen.

lab tested concentrates

The cannabis vape pen consists of a concentrate cartridge (filled with .5 or 1 gram of cannabis extract) and a battery, otherwise known as an atomizer. This handheld device is usually the size and shape of a pen and charged with a USB cable or connector. There are atomizers for vaping flower as well. Moreover, disposable vape pen options are available with a battery life that will last the time it takes to vape the contents inside.

Quality Lab Tested Concentrates from a Licensed Dispensary

A vape pen is only as good as the cannabis concentrate it holds. Therefore it’s important to know what you’re getting. The market is full of cannabis concentrate cartridges, not all of them are lab-tested and certified compliant. A legal vape cartridge will contain concentrate that’s been proven to be free from pesticides, heavy metals, and harmful solvents. In addition, it provides a cleaner, safer experience for the consumer. Shop at licensed dispensaries to be sure that you’re getting a lab-tested and compliant product.

  • A live resin or full-spectrum cartridge will provide a whole plant experience, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids
  • Try to find a concentrate that’s free of additives and thinning agents

The Hardware Makes a Difference

An excellent vaping experience relies on quality hardware. Moreover, the best performing hardware uses a ceramic heating element. Ceramic is touted as being better because it heats the concentrate more evenly. This makes for a smoother and more flavorful vaping experience. Another feature to look for is temperature control. It allows you to adjust the heat to accommodate the particular product that’s being vaped. Thicker viscosity concentrates may need a higher temperature, while a thinner product will use a cooler temperature.

  • Ceramic heating elements perform best
  • Variable temperature control is essential

cannabis vape pen disposableFor Simplicity Go Disposable

The disposable vape can be a good introduction to vaping cannabis. These devices acclimate the user to the effects of vaping different strains. Most cannabis concentrate brands have a disposable vape pen option. The benefit of the disposable vape pen is that it’s convenient. Additionally, it’s easy to control the dose, comes pre-filled, and requires no charging. 

Even though they are referred to as disposable vapes, they’re recyclable. Look for the spent hardware recycling containers at your local dispensary. In addition, you can visit the brand website to learn how you can recycle your disposable vape pen.

For the best cannabis vape pen experience, source high-quality, lab-tested, cannabis concentrate and use an atomizer with a ceramic heating element. Our friendly staff at Kushism is here to help you. We can introduce you to the best cannabis vaping products the market has to offer. Come by today and let’s discuss your goals.